figures approximate a 10% TIC share of US median house prices | AL $23,108 | AK $36,500 | AZ $35,260 | AR $27,880 | CA $78,693 | CO $55,262 | CT $42,600 | DE $38,820 | FL $41,000 | GA $33,360 | HI $85,670 | ID $45,950 | IL $26,590 | IN $24,389 | IA $23,000 | KS $23,000 | KY $21,000 | LA $18,100 | ME $45,000 | MD $68,500 | MA $63,000 | MI $25,500 | MN $33,900 | figures approximate a 10% TIC share of US median house prices | MS $18,500 | MO $25,200 | MT $47,500 | NE $25,100 | NV $45,900 | NH $48,300 | NJ $44,250 | NM $30,500 | NY $83,800 | NC $33,600 | ND $29,600 | OH $23,200 | OK $20,718 | OR $50,400 | PA $27,000 | RI $46,600 | SC $30,000 | SD $31,000 | TN $32,500 | TX $39,000 | UT $54,600 | VT $125,000 | VA $99,000 - WA $61,500 | WV $16,800 | WI $31,000 | WY $84,500

TIC Shared Ownership

As the housing crisis intensifies, shared ownership is becoming increasingly vital in making real estate accessible to a broader population. This shift is underpinned by the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX), developed in Australia, which is poised to revolutionize the contemporary property market. 

TIC allows multiple individuals to own a percentage of a property, enabling them to share the financial burden. Each tenant in common holds a distinct, undivided interest in the property, which can be transferred independently of the others. This model democratizes property ownership, making it feasible for individuals who might otherwise be priced out of the market.

Get on the Property Ladder Sooner!

TIC shared ownership is expected to become the norm in regions with exorbitant housing costs. This shift will not only make home ownership attainable for a wider demographic but also promote community-oriented living arrangements. The collaborative nature of TIC can foster stronger neighborhood bonds and shared responsibilities, contributing to more cohesive and resilient communities.

TicX and Shared Ownership. The Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) is set to underpin the contemporary property market by normalizing TIC shared ownership. As housing affordability continues to decline, shared ownership offers a sustainable and inclusive solution, ensuring more people can achieve the dream of home ownership.

Types of property suitable for TIC shared ownership.

HOLIDAY PROPERTY (Timeshare with Title)

There are only two ways Real Estate can be co-owned:

1. As Tenants in Common (TIC), where each co-owner has a separate and distinct share of the property in equal or unequal shares. Each co-owner is separately registered on title. Importantly, a TIC share can be willed, sold, or mortgaged separately. 

2. As Joint Tenantswhere the co-owners have an automatic ‘right of survivorship’. In the event of a co-owner’s death, the deceased’s share automatically passes to the surviving joint tenant(s).

A TIC share is an asset you own that can be willed, sold, or mortgaged separately.

How is a TIC share created?

A ‘tenant in common’ share is created when a property (or part of the property) is sold and is purchased by two or more co-owners as tenants in common in separate equal or unequal shares.  A tenant in common has the right to sell, mortgage or lease their share of the property. 

Background to the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX)

Although tenant-in-common (TIC) ownership of real estate had been enshrined in property law since medieval times, surprisingly, in all that time, no one had ever thought of creating a trading exchange for buyers and sellers of TIC shares until Australian businessman and entrepreneur, Tony Puls, launched the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) in 2023.

It had taken Tony over 40-years to work out how to create a legally compliant trading exchange for TIC shares in property. See Fin Rev article 2003 & Fin Rev article 2004 these articles were published around 20-years ago, before housing affordability was the huge issue it is today.

TIC Shared Ownership of real estate has got to be the property industry's
most overlooked opportunity!

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