figures approximate a 10% TIC share of US median house prices | AL $23,108 | AK $36,500 | AZ $35,260 | AR $27,880 | CA $78,693 | CO $55,262 | CT $42,600 | DE $38,820 | FL $41,000 | GA $33,360 | HI $85,670 | ID $45,950 | IL $26,590 | IN $24,389 | IA $23,000 | KS $23,000 | KY $21,000 | LA $18,100 | ME $45,000 | MD $68,500 | MA $63,000 | MI $25,500 | MN $33,900 | figures approximate a 10% TIC share of US median house prices | MS $18,500 | MO $25,200 | MT $47,500 | NE $25,100 | NV $45,900 | NH $48,300 | NJ $44,250 | NM $30,500 | NY $83,800 | NC $33,600 | ND $29,600 | OH $23,200 | OK $20,718 | OR $50,400 | PA $27,000 | RI $46,600 | SC $30,000 | SD $31,000 | TN $32,500 | TX $39,000 | UT $54,600 | VT $125,000 | VA $99,000 - WA $61,500 | WV $16,800 | WI $31,000 | WY $84,500

Loans for Tenants in Common

Unlocking TIC investment opportunities, one loan at a time.

A Huge Untapped Market

The increasing popularity of tenancy in common shared ownership has meant the way lenders do business and the products they offer need to change if they are going to successfully meet the housing affordability and property market challenges of today.

TicX provides an opportunity for visionary lenders to expand into a vast disenfranchised and untapped group of potential homeowners and investors. The lenders who are innovative enough to seize this opportunity will also profit from being the first mover into this huge demographic.

A TIC share can be Mortgaged

This is enshrined in Property Law!

“A tenant in common has the right to sell or mortgage their share of a property. They can do this without the agreement of the other tenants.” 

Separating Each TIC Co-Owner’s Mortgage

Individual TIC financing means each fractional owner gets a separate loan. Each loan is tied only to the specific owner’s share. If one owner doesn’t pay their loan, the lender can only take and sell that owner’s share. The sale happens on the ticXchange, where a new buyer takes over the defaulting owner’s share. Other owners aren’t affected by this process, unlike group financing where everyone might be impacted by one person’s default.

The Difference Between TIC Loans and Condominium Loans

Individual TIC (Tenancy in Common) financing is different from individual condominium financing and does not make a TIC interest equivalent to a condominium. A TIC owner doesn’t own a specific unit, so an individual TIC loan can’t be secured by a specific unit. Instead, TIC owners have the right to occupy a particular apartment based on a contract (the unrecorded TIC Agreement), not a deed. 

Lenders that offer TIC loans

The Bank of Marin. As one of the pioneers in Tenants In Common (TIC) financing in San Francisco, Bank of Marin offers competitive rates, expertise and a quick response from the initial request through funding.

Are you looking at purchasing a TIC? Sterling Bank was one of the first to develop a Tenants in Common (TIC) fractional loan product in the San Francisco Bay Area. And Sterling is the first bank to offer a TIC Fractional loan product here in Los Angeles.

All California Mortgage has been working with TICs for over 15 years and has the ability to bring the right financing package to each building/ownership situation. 

An Invitation to Join our Lending Panel

TICX invites visionary lenders to consider expanding into a vast disenfranchised group of potential homeowners and investors. Are you innovative enough to seize this opportunity & profit from being among the first movers into this demographic?

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