figures approximate a 10% TIC share of US median house prices | AL $23,108 | AK $36,500 | AZ $35,260 | AR $27,880 | CA $78,693 | CO $55,262 | CT $42,600 | DE $38,820 | FL $41,000 | GA $33,360 | HI $85,670 | ID $45,950 | IL $26,590 | IN $24,389 | IA $23,000 | KS $23,000 | KY $21,000 | LA $18,100 | ME $45,000 | MD $68,500 | MA $63,000 | MI $25,500 | MN $33,900 | figures approximate a 10% TIC share of US median house prices | MS $18,500 | MO $25,200 | MT $47,500 | NE $25,100 | NV $45,900 | NH $48,300 | NJ $44,250 | NM $30,500 | NY $83,800 | NC $33,600 | ND $29,600 | OH $23,200 | OK $20,718 | OR $50,400 | PA $27,000 | RI $46,600 | SC $30,000 | SD $31,000 | TN $32,500 | TX $39,000 | UT $54,600 | VT $125,000 | VA $99,000 - WA $61,500 | WV $16,800 | WI $31,000 | WY $84,500

Become a ticX Member Agent


🚀 Are you ready to take your real estate career to the next level? Become a ticX Member and be part of the most ground-breaking change in the real estate industry since the beginnings of tenancy in common shared ownership of property.

Sell on-purpose to two or more co-owners

Many agents may think they can sell to multiple buyers as of right, but they would likely be acting contrary to law if they did, unless the sale to multiple buyers occurred by default and not deliberately.

Multiple buyers/investors have always been able purchase as tenants in common, however there are legal ramifications for anyone who promotes a property to multiple buyers/investors!

To be legally able to market a property to multiple investors, you will need to join ticX. TicX provides the legal pathway and an important point of difference for any real estate agent.

Future-proof your Real Estate Business

TicX Members are able to offer any property to two or more co-owners for Occupation or Investment.

Investment Clubs Property Syndicates

Let’s face it. You’ve always wanted to ‘syndicate’ some of your quality strong-performing investment properties, right? But how can you do this legally?

Up until the advent of ticX, unless your Vendor established a costly unit trust structure and had an ASIC registered product disclosure statement (PDS), and you (the agent) held a securities dealers licence, you would most likely be breaking the law.

To be able to deliberately and on-purpose offer a property to multiple buyers, you can now do so as a member of the ticX platform and be certain that it’s legally safe!

TicX Members can act as Seller's Agent or Buyer's Agent
(Access our comprehensive 'Buyer's Agent' training)

Until the advent of the Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX), tenancy in common (TIC) ownership of real estate had been the property industry’s most overlooked opportunity.

TicX membership is a game-changer for real estate agents, unlocking a significant advantage in the property industry. Before ticX, tenancy in common (TIC) ownership was often overlooked. Now, with ticX, property professionals can legally offer any property for shared TIC ownership, tapping into a previously ignored opportunity.

Many agents were unaware that their buyers became TIC owners, but ticX membership allows them to offer properties legally and intentionally to multiple TIC investors. This slight shift in approach opens up exciting new transaction possibilities, helping property professionals “engineer” more deals and future-proof their business.

TicX Members get more listings, more sales, resales (of TIC shares) & more property under management.

Individual Agent Membership
$55.00 Inc. GST per month.

Corporate/Agency Membership
$110 Inc. GST per month.

Pricing for Multiple Office membership will be subject to negotiation.

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