The National Tenant in Common Exchange

The stock exchange
for TIC shares in
Real Estate


Size of the Market

Although ticX works for all property types, residential, commercial, and rural, the total value of residential property alone in the USA is closing in on $36.2trillion, of which TIC ownership makes up a substantial proportion. This figure does not include commercial or rural property. SOURCE

The National Tenant in Common Exchange Inc. proposes to establish the US market under the Internet domain with, & also reserved.

As a stock exchange is for Companies so
the tenant in common exchange is for properties.

Just as the advent of the stock exchange revolutionised the corporate world and made it easier for those with less money to participate, so the ticX has revolutionised the real estate industry and made it easier for those with less money to get on the property ladder.

With a Stock Exchange (NYSE or NASDAQ), its 'brokers' are licensed securities dealers.

With the Tenant in Common Exchange, its 'brokers' are licensed realtors.

TicX is a trading exchange that allows investors to buy, sell, and exchange fractional ownership shares in properties held as tenants in common (TIC). The ticX platform facilitates the trading of TIC ownership interests in real estate properties.  

TIC ownership is a form of co-ownership in real estate where multiple individuals can each hold a percentage share in a property with each investor separately registered on title.

A TIC share is an asset you own that can be willed (bequeathed), sold, or mortgaged separately. TicX introduces a new asset class to the US, and delivers a new foundation for building wealth.

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